Godaddy Review: Web Hosting With Free Domain Name for $14

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GoDaddy is a big name in web hosting industry, and it is owned by Google. If you are a newbie, hosting your site on Godaddy is the best option for you because you get many things at the lowest price. It is not about being cheap but because their services are reliable and inexpensive.

Godaddy offers free domain registration with web hosting for $1/month. That is $12/year plus free (.com) domain name, $1/month hosting account is the cheapest which’s hard to find elsewhere. Since Google owns it, you have the advantage that your website will perform well on Google search engine.

godaddy, web hosting, webhosting, godaddy hosting, godaddy web hosting

There are many web hosting plans on Godaddy, and you can choose any plan suitable to your business. The basic plan allows you to sign up for hosting account and get a FREE domain (.com) for $12 for the first year. Sometime ago, I posted about InMotion hosting which you can read right here.

Benefits of Using Godaddy Hosting

== > Uptime: they promise 99.9% uptime which is excellent in the modern industry standard.

== > Free Domain: when signing up for web hosting, you will get a free domain.

== > Free Cpanel: You get customized Cpanel where you will manage everything about your blog or website.

== > Value: As we already know, they offers the lowest price on almost everything. When you sign up for web hosting, you get a hosting and free domain for as low as $1/mon that is $12 for one year.

== > Money Back Guarantee: they promise 30-day money back guarantee if you no longer want to use their service.

== > Support: 24/7 support guarantee, whenever you have any problem with their service just call the support team to resolve the problem.

Click Here To Register For Hosting Account And Free Domain For $14

Key Features of Godaddy Web Hosting

== > 30 day money back guarantee

== > 24/7 support

== > Free wordpress integration

== > 24/7 security protect

== > Unlimited Traffic

== > FREE domain

== > Unlimited Bandwidth

Click on Godaddy web hosting to Sign up for hosting account for $12/year with free domain.

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  1. I do plan ditching my current web host but the question which keeps popping in my head is which web host to turn to. I think from what I have read from your review, I need to go with Godaddy and I will obviously capitalise on the offer you have in your post.


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