#TwitterBan : How to Open Use Access Twitter in Nigeria

Due to the recent Twitter ban in Nigeria #TwitterBan, many Nigerians are finding it difficult to access Twitter in Nigeria from their mobile devices and PC. The Twitter ban in Nigeria was announced on June 4, 2021, by the Nigerian government, since the announcement, Nigeria IPs were blocked from opening Twitter.

Today, I want to share with you a list of methods you can easily use to operate #Twitter from Nigeria without encountering any issues or restrictions. You can easily access Twitter in Nigeria with VPN. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that hides your identity, location on the internet. Since Twitter is banned In Nigeria, the use of VPN is required to use Twitter in Nigeria or by changing your device IP. It will allow you to change your location to countries where Twitter is allowed and you will start to enjoy your unlimited/unrestricted access to Twitter in Nigeria.

For example, you can change your location to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherland, Russia, India, United Arab Emirates, etc, or any country of your choice where Twitter is permitted.

There are free and paid VPNs, I will recommend both working FREE and paid VPNs for you that you can make your choice.

#TwitterBan : How to Open Use Access Twitter in Nigeria

How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Without VPN

Read and follow the below instruction carefully to understand how to change IP on your Twitter app so that you can use Twitter in Nigeria without VPN.

If you already have the Twitter app installed on your device, use this method below:

= > Simply open your Twitter app
= > Goto settings
= > Click on the proxy button
= > Enter this as proxy:
= > Click save.

You can now freely use Twitter in Nigeria, tweet & retweet, and see recent tweets.

How To Use Twitter With VPN

Turbo VPN works perfectly well on Twitter, install and select any country of your choice and you are good to go.
To download and install Turbo VPN on your mobile device, click here.

Browser That Works On Twitter

There are browsers with inbuilt VPNs which you can use to gain access to Twitter without the need to install a separate VPN.
Here is a list of such browsers:
i. Opera browser
ii. Puffin Browser
iii. Tor Browser.

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