How To Start A Blog With HostGator

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

Do you have the interest to learn how to start a blog with HostGator? If you have taken this decision, I want to assure you that you have made a right decision. I will teach you how to start a blog with HostGator web hosting. I will share with you step by step instructions on how to start a blog.

No matter the reason why you decide to start a blog, just know that you have taken the right decision because blogging can help you get exposed and connected to millions of people across the world. You can also earn a healthy living through blogging.

Follow the step by step tutorial below to learn the simple steps to start a blog. There are other methods to create a blog, but this tutorial will teach you how to start a blog on HostGator.

How To Start a Blog With HostGator

== > Choose Hosting Plan: Go to HostGator, under web hosting and click on the “Get Started Now” button. You will be taking to a new page showing you all their different hosting plans/ packages.

How To Start A Blog With Hostgator

It is your choice to choose any of the plan suitable to you, and you can choose Hatchling plan, or Baby Plan or Business Plan. If you are a beginner and hope on having one website, you can choose Hatchling plan but if you hope on having more than one website then go for the Baby plan. The difference between both is that Hatchling allows you to host only one site, while Baby plan lets you have multiple websites hosted in the hosting plan. The business plan is for those running big sites.

== > Choose Domain Name:

Immediately you click on the “BUY NOW” button, you will be taking to a new web page where you will choose your preferred domain name and fill out order requirements. The order page is where you will Choose your payment method and checkout button to proceed.

How To Start A Blog With Hostgator

Enter your preferred domain name in the first box. A domain name is a name you want to give to your website or blog; you can choose anything you prefer. Example, just like my blog that is “” which is my domain name. When you enter a domain name in that box, if it is already registered it will it will be shown to you and you should choose another name that is not yet registered. Note that “.com” domain extensions are free if you are buying a hosting plan.

Start A Blog: Enter Hosting Information

The hosting package you selected earlier, you should fill it here again, or you can change hosting plan to your preferred choice.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Billing Cycle: You should be very careful when choosing billing cycle because the more months you want, the cheaper your rate per month will be. For example, if you choose for 36 months (3 years), it will give you the lowest price per month.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

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== > Choose a username and security PIN that will help you recover your password if you mistakenly forget it. The username is what you will be using to login to your Hostgator account.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Enter Billing Information:

You should fill out all the required boxes with the correct information. Your billing information includes your email, name, address, state and chooses if you want to pay with credit card or PayPal.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Choose Hosting Add-ons: There are some add-ons you may put on your site. For example “Domain Privacy Protection,” this is important if you don’t want people to view your personal information on WHOIS lookup. It will protect your personal information. You can uncheck all boxes for add-ons because there is no need paying for them.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Enter HostGator Coupon Code: Enter ORJIAKOR25 as the HostGator coupon code and it will give you 25%OFF rather than 20%OFF they offer. Click “Validate” coupon code, and you will notice an additional discount on your total cost at the bottom.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Review Order Details: Review your order details to verify if entered the correct information.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

== > Create Account: Check the box for “HostGator Terms of Service” that says “I have read and agreed to the terms…” then click the “Checkout Now” button and you will receive emails to your provided email address.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

Start A Blog: How To Install WordPress In HostGator

== > Install WordPress: Now is the time to log in to your HostGator account to install WordPress. Go to HostGator main page and click on the “Customer Portal” on the top right.

In the “Billing Login,” enter your email address and password and click “Login” button.

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Click on hosting tab and then on the button that says “Get Started with WordPress Today.”

= > On the quick install page, click “continue” button.

= > Choose your domain name in the “Application URL” section. If you like, check the “Enable Auto Upgrades” box, fill out other required information such as Admin Email, Blog Title, and Admin User. Blog title can be your domain for example “Orjiakor.” It is not good to use Admin as your admin user because it will be easier to hack your site. Use something secret and unique as Admin User.

= > Enter your first and last name and click on the “Install WordPress” button.

How To Start A Blog With HostGator

After WordPress installation, you will see the URL you will use to login to your WordPress site. The page will be like this

After sign up, if you experience any difficulty send me a message and I will help you because that is what am here to do.

That’s all congratulation! You now own a domain running with WordPress.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends, fans, followers and everyone so that they too can learn how to create a site with HostGator.

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