NIN-SIM Linkage: How To Unblock SIM Card

In this post, Orjiakor teaches you how to unblock SIM card if it’s blocked by a telecommunication provider due to a failure of NIN-SIM linkage. Due to the Federal government of Nigeria’s directive for new and existing telephone numbers to link their SIM cards to NIN, many SIM cards that were not linked to NIN were blocked.

It’s now mandatory that every sim card should be linked to National Identification Number ( NIN ).

If you are among those finding it difficult linking your NIN-SIM card, here is a working solution that will help you get your number unblocked.

Unblock SIM Card: How To Link SIM Card To NIN

To link a SIM card or phone number to NIN, follow the instruction below to Unblock SIM Card by getting it verified.

= > Download NIMC: If you are using an android device, go to Playstore and download the NIMC app; but if you are using an iOS device, go to AppStore and download the NIMC app.

= > After downloading and installation, you are required to set up the app with a secret security code to avoid data theft. You will need to enter the secret code anytime you want to open the NIMC app.

= > Sign In: Open the NIMC app, Enter your PIN to continue. After successfully signing in,

= > Link My Numbers: You will see Link My Numbers feature at the bottom right of the NIMC app. Click on the “Link My Numbers” and add the phone numbers you want to add. Make sure that you insert the SIM card of the number you want to add in a phone because a verification code will be sent to the phone number.

Once the SIM Card is linked to NIN, you will see the status in NIMC changed to Verified.

The NIMC app allows you to add up to 7 phone numbers and get them verified.

NOTE: To link SIM card to NIN, the registered sim card must have the same name and picture as the NIN. It must be registered by the same person.

Hope this helps you to unblock SIM card easily.

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