How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

When you want to start a blog, you should be very careful when choosing the web hosting to host your site because it is where your blog lives. The wrong host will have a harmful effect on your blog drastically. It affects your site uptime, speed, and accessibility. Support is also an important issue to consider when choosing a host. To avoid blog downtime that is why it is important to choose a host you can be able to call, chat or reach out whenever an issue arises with your site and have it fixed immediately.

I recommend BlueHost web hosting for many reasons, the price is not high, speed and they are reliable and suitable for anyone that wants to start a blog. Their performance is excellent regarding price, speed, reliability, uptime and support.

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I will explain to you the steps of getting started with BlueHost, just follow this step by step tutorial below to start a blog.

How to Create a Blog and Install WordPress

== > Get Started: Go to, and it will redirect you to BlueHost official website. You will get some additional discount for signing up through my link right here. Click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

== > Enter Domain Name: Domain name is the name you want to give your blog or website for instance ‘’ I know that by now you have decided on the name you want to give your site, then enter your domain name in the ‘new domain name’ box.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

If the name is already registered, you will choose another new domain that is not yet registered. Click on the ‘Next’ button.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

== > Account Information: Here is where you will fill out all the required contact information.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

== > Hosting Package/Plan: On this section, you will select your preferred hosting package. If you choose 36months, you will get the cheapest rate charges because BlueHost will bill you for 36 months upfront.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

You can choose 12 months and renew your hosting on a yearly basis. There is always money back guarantee if you no longer want to use their service, so you have nothing to fear.

• Uncheck the boxes for other add-on services because they are not important Meanwhile you can still easily add them later. If you want to hide your contact information from WHOIS, then tick the box for ‘Privacy Policy.’

== > Billing Information: Choose your payment method and enter your billing detail. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

• You will see a congratulatory message that you have created BlueHost account successfully.
• Now create your BlueHost account password, make sure that you use a secure password.
• Now that you have created your password successful, the next thing is to log into hosting account with your domain and the password.

How To Start A Blog With BlueHost

Start A Blog: How to Install WordPress in BlueHost Hosting

== > Install WordPress: Click on the ‘Install WordPress’ button located at the bottom.
• Click on the ‘Install’ button on the WordPress installation.
• Enter your site name, create your WordPress username and password. Do not use ‘Admin’ as your WordPress username so that it will not be easy for anyone to hack your site.
• Click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
== > After the WordPress installation, you will receive a message in your email. The message will include all your site information.

Now login to your WordPress blog or website with your username and password.

NOTE: To start a blog, I recommend you buy BlueHost hosting right here.


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