YouTube Portal: How To Use It And Make Money Online Easily

YouTube Portal: How To Use And Make Money Online Easily

YouTube Portal: the main reason I want to share this post with you is to let you know some ways you can make money online through YouTube. You don’t even need to upload your view on YouTube before you can start making money. Yes, it is true that many of us believed that the only way to earn money with YouTube is to upload video (quality and interesting video).

For those of use that is hearing or doesn’t know about YouTube very well, it is an online video portal that allows billions of people to share, discover and share created videos. YouTube portal launched in May 2005, I see it as a forum where people connect, share, motivate, and distribute original contents across the globe. It is also a platform where advertisers can share, market and promote their products.

YouTube Portal: How To Use And Make Money Online Easily

Today, I want to share with you know that you can make money by sharing and promoting films, videos, tutorials someone uploaded on YouTube. Even if you are uploading videos on YT, it doesn’t prevent you from having your YouTube portal website because it will give you more opportunity to monetize your site instead of depending on Google AdSense alone.

How to Set Up YouTube Portal Website to Make Money online

Set up YouTube portal is like having your site whereby you can easily import videos from YouTube to your site. If you don’t want to import videos manually, all you have to do is to add the YouTube username and set it to automatic update. And this will make it possible that whenever the owner of the YT channel uploads video, it will be imported automatically to your YouTube portal site.

You will make money from this if you do it very well, for example, you can decide to promote a particular type of videos such as news, basketball, football, volleyball, comedy videos, films and funny video. Like football matches or goal alerts, you can set up YouTube portal site to import only goal scores videos, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich matches. Meanwhile, you may not import the full games. You may choose to import only goal scores or interviews; it depends on your choice.

Your only work here is to promote your YouTube portal website to your friends or anyone which you can easily do by sharing on social media and run an advert.

YouTube Portal: How Do I Get Started

First, to set up YouTube portal website, you need to buy a hosting account from trusted and reliable hosting company to avoid having issues with your site after setting it up. Meanwhile, I have to recommend some trusted and reliable hosting company you can buy a hosting account and be comfortable with them.

Recommended Web Hosting: InMotionHosting, A2Hosting, AsmallOrange, SiteGround, and BlueHost, register through the link I posted to get huge discount and free domain inclusive. You can go through our web hosting reviews to know more about some hosting industries.

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